Architects and Designers

interior-design-architects1Architects and designers have a vision.  So do we.  Ours is to make their visions real.

We have a vast range of products, knowledge, and ideas to help bring your ideas to reality.  We have the largest collection of knives in the east coast.  Perhaps you are looking for that one of a kind design.  We have the ability to cut our own. Simply send us the pdf drawing or specifications of your design and we can custom create it.  Choose from any species of wood, or mdf.

As you browse through our website and various categories save your selections.  See something you like, save it and print it off for later.  This tool helps you put together your “design list” as you browse through the hundreds of designs in our catalogue.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call – we have helpful experienced staff waiting to assist you.